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The Benefits of Beard Oil


Beards are in fashion these days, and believe it or not, having a beard can even be good for your health. They can also get scraggly and unattractive if you don’t take care of them, so you’re going to want the right kind of oil in your grooming arsenal. There are tons of options to choose from, so feel free to experiment with different kinds until you find your ideal beard companion.

You didn’t decide to grow a beard because you wanted to develop an insatiable itch or you were sick of dandruff only existing on top of your head. These are common complaints from those who grow their facial hair out for the first time, but a little beard oil is all you need to keep your growth neat, clean, and healthy.

It’s easier to get the most out of your beard oil if you get yourself in the habit of using it regularly. Once you experience the difference, though, you probably won’t have any trouble sticking to a schedule. If you’re new to the concept, keep reading and find out how a little bit of oil can change your beard for the better.


Those who have already had their follicles opened to the world of beard oil know that the key element is moisturization. You don’t want to clog up your pores, but you do want to keep your skin slightly moist to encourage healthy hair growth. Moisture is what lets beard oil give your hair its shine.

In addition to moisturizing hair itself, beard oil helps trap moisture in. This creates a protective coat and keeps the hair from becoming dry, brittle, and at risk for breaking. Regular moisturization helps to thicken your beard and keep it looking full and healthy for the long haul.

Better Aroma

Your facial hair doesn’t just add to your look, it enhances your very presence. If you want to smell as great as you look, This adds some scent to your sense of style, which counts as a benefit for you and the noses in your vicinity.

Any aroma you choose will make a statement, so consider trying a few different combinations out before taking to the streets. Beard oils are made up of carrier and essential oils, and the essentials have natural aromas that you can mix and match to tweak your scent. Cedarwood has been a popular choice as of late, and tinges of peppermint and eucalyptus offer a minty freshness.

Be warned that there are lots of artificial scents that use harsh ingredients to create an aroma. It’s best to avoid any potentially damaging products in favor of natural alternatives. You should be able to find safe and healthy products wherever you get your grooming supplies.

Neater Beard

If you find that you suffer from bedhead of the face, beard oil could be the solution to your problem. Moisturizing beard oil will keep your hairs in place, making it a whole lot easier to keep you looking neat, clean, and put together. The moisture will restrain the hairs when they want to pop out of place and ruin your sculpt, so you everything stays in place day in and day out.

Beard oil makes the hair softer, so it’s less resistant to your manipulation and easier to style. After repeatedly using beard oil to get the look you’re going for, the hairs will eventually grow into it naturally. A dash of beard oil now could save you some time on styling in the future.

Smoother Feel

You’ve run your fingers through your beard thousands if not millions of times, but you’ll notice the difference when you add in the oil of your choosing. Scruff might be sexy, but a wiry or straw-like beard might not be a hit with your significant other. If your partner complains of scratching, oil will give your beard the moisture it needs to stay soft and smooth to the touch.

Less Dandruff

The drier your hair is, the more brittle and prone to dandruff it’ll be. Since dandruff makes hair fall out, it’s something you’ll want to do your best to avoid to maintain healthy hair growth. This applies to the hair on the top of your head as well as the scruff on the front parts, so remember to keep your beard moist!

Dryness and dandruff contribute to hair loss, so get on top of the problem before it has a chance to do any real damage. Timely application of beard oil keeps the skin and follicles moist, so your beard grows stronger and doesn’t flake. Remember, keeping the moisture level just right is key to maintaining a healthy beard.

Cleared Acne

As you get older, you learn that acne is not just a thing of the teenage past. A lot of people deal with acne throughout their entire lives, but there’s good news for those who get blackheads around their chins and lips: Beard oil can help!

Acne is that shot to your confidence that you just didn’t need today. Facial hair can cover some of your minor blemishes, but wouldn’t you rather clear up the bumps entirely?

When your pores are clogged, your skin can’t breathe. The blockages create pimples, which are sometimes painful or sensitive and may come with a sense of built-up pressure. By removing the blockages and clearing out your pores, you can enjoy acne-free skin and a well-deserved boost to your confidence.

Beard oil actually keeps your face free of acne by keeping your pores clean, so you won’t have any bumps to cover up in the first place. Instead, your facial hair can grow in unfettered by pesky whiteheads. If you suffer from acne, don’t go for the cheap stuff; take good care of your beard and the skin it grows from.

When to Apply It

The best time to use beard oil is right after your morning shower when you can put it on clean skin and open pores and let the perks get to work right away. Your pores are primed and ready to receive the beard oil right after a wash, so take advantage. Just squeeze a few drops onto your hands, and then rub your beard area around until the skin starts to absorb the oil. Make sure to cover the whole area, and if your beard is already well-established, consider using a comb to make sure you don’t leave any hairs out.

The Dangers of Going Without It

It won’t take many applications for you to leave life before beard oil behind for good, and soon you’ll look back and recognize the dangers of going without this facial hair essential. You’ll realize that beard oil doesn’t act as a ‘bonus’ so much as it gives your skin and hair what it needs to stay healthy. Here are some of the potential consequences of going without beard oil:

  • Dry Skin
  • Dandruff
  • Hair Thinning
  • Rough, Wiry Hair

If you want to rock the best beard you can until it’s long and grey, you’d do well to take care of it. It only takes about a minute of your day to use beard oil, and the benefits can make a noticeable difference.